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Dialogue. Meeting with psychoanalyst. <br/> “Pornography: (non)Disappearing Discourse of Human.” 18+

Dialogue. Meeting with psychoanalyst.
"Pornography: (non)Disappearing Discourse of Human" 18+

16 July 2014, Wednesday, at 19:00
Tickets: 50 UAH.

We suggest you turn to the study of pornography as a phenomenon of culture, which still bears the label of marginality. Pornography is associated with something "demoralizing", "vulgar" and "forbidden".

However, the sex - is an important part of our lives and it is not a matter solely of sexology, it is no less important to examine it as a part of everyday life, as an artistic genre or as the sphere of economic relations.

Discussion topics:

  • Erotica and Pornography. Border and interference
  • What is forbidden in pornography and why pornography is forbidden?
  • Pornography: habit, disease, hobbie, or ...?
  • The porn desires in terms of psychoanalysis
  • Pornography as a symptom of society
  • Movies and porn: Do you watch IT...?

Meeting will be held by psychoanalyst Nadia Krivulya.

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