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└mbivalence Art-project by Alexander Kuzminetsky

Art-project by Alexander Kuzminetsky

June 26 July 6, 2014
Open hours:
Friday - from 17:00 to 20:00
Saturday, Sunday - from 12:00 to 18:00

Opening reception:
June 26, Thursday, 2014


Tickets: Pay What You Want (PWYW)

Photography that can be touched.

Presentation of works is dictated by their content. Photographs are combined
from different "fragments". The viewer not only passively examining the works,
he continues, inheriting an author, he compares them, builds, moves, by itself,
turning them into a new collage in his mind.

Using the technique of collage, the author raises the theme of duality, creation
and destruction, the theme of reincarnation, social schizophrenia and masquerade.
The exhibition will also feature sculpted masks, made ​​from sketches (pictures)
of this project.

The basis of the project - the principle of duality, the ambivalence of existence
of the man himself.

Art-project "Ambivalence" by Alexander Kuzminetsky (author of works)
and Alexander Sushinsky (curator) is based on the previous project "Reflection". Portraits (photos) of the famous people such as Delphin, Naik Borzov, Ali Friend,
Richard Teyr (musician Red Snapper), Stefan Kett (De/Vision), Patrick Wolf,
Inna Zhelannaya and many others, were cut and destroyed by an author itself
to restore it in a new project "Ambivalence".

June 26, 2014 at the opening day, curator of an exhibition Alexander Sushinsky conducts the discussion in which every visitor can participate.

"Out of the resulting fragments, scraps of strangers′ faces, that do not intersect with
each other, images were born, reminiscent of ritual masks. Oddly enough, it was
anxiety and pain arising in the course of work on each way, led me to understand
that I eventually created"

Alexander Kuzminetsky
the author of artworks

"This project, for me, as a curator, is being the shortest path of the transmission
of the sign of duality and schizophrenia, collage of consciousness in modern human behavior, which is so clearly identified by the author. Project "Ambivalence"
is read by a distinct sign of the times"

Alexander Sushinsky
the gallery curator
da sein

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