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Dialogue. Meetings with psychoanalyst.
"Life and Death"

June 18, 2014, Wednesday, 19:00
"Life and Death".
Tickets: 50 UAH.


Life and death are interdependent: Death destroys a person physically,
but the "idea" of death can save him. Death recognizing sharpens
the sense of life and changes the view of it. Life threat gives permission
to conduct the way that previously thought unacceptable: express anger
and hostility, or love, or to say "no" or "yes." Death - is what we does not
want to think of, but what affects our lives. There are a lot of issues related
to death and they sound in a different ways:

  • Is it possible that the fear of death is used to increase sales, the formation
    of the news media, and strengthening the power of the social order?
  • When we think about diseases, harmful and useful food, charity, abortion, vegetarianism, partings, whether we′re talking about the fear of death?
  • How to cope with the loss of loved ones?
  • Why do the same tragic events have different effects on people?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • How to cope with the fear of death?
  • How to talk about death with children?
  • Family myths associated with death.

The answer to these and other questions can be found at the meeting.
Dialogue with psychoanalyst, art therapist, a specialist in applied psychoanalysis,
a member of the Ukrainian Association of Psychoanalysis (UAP-ECPP)
Kokoylo Nina.

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