Kiev Museum of Dreams
The debut exhibition of paintings

The debut exhibition of paintings "My Circles"

June 15 - 22, 2014
Debut personal exhibition
of Oksana Kartavtseva "My Circles".

Working hours:
Thursday, Friday - 17:00-20:00
Saturday, Sunday - 12:00-18:00

Tickets: Pay What You Want (PWYW)

"Whirlpool of people and things, once established for the artist
in a special and important meanings."

The exhibition devoted to the topic of relations between people.
This is our close circle, circle of friends, our scope of interest.
Followed that diverge from each of us are interconnected together.
And somebody′s circle, especially far away from us, is getting closer.
And one day, merges with us, flows through us and become part
of our community, ourselves.

Author of artworks invites you to plunge into her world, her circles -
distant and close, to share your feelings and experiences, reflect
on what surrounds us and becomes the dearest and close circle.

"I have named this exhibition" My Circles". Everything you see here,
once came into my circle of life and remained in it. These individuals
are people, who are close to me - beloved and relatives, or included
in my circles with his voice, word and music. This range of things,
once established in a special and important meanings.
I invite you to my circles"
Oksana Kartavtseva

More works of the artist:

Sponsor of the exhibition:
Company Extra Consulting

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