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Photo project

Photo project "My Honour!"

July 12 - 20, 2014
The Dream Museum launch photo-exhibition named "My Honour!".
Find out to whom the famous people of Ukraine in the shot, removed his hat.

Working hours:
Saturday, Sunday: from 12:00 to 17:00
Tickets: "Pay What You Want!" (PWYW)

Politicians, musicians, designers, producers, TV presenters, fashion magazine
editors, directors, architects, all these people remind us of how desperately necessary
to protect the noble manners and traditions of the past because without them there is
no future.

In the late 19th and early 20th century, any self-respecting man could not afford
to go out without a hat, this example is also very often followed by ladies . Meeting
a charming women on the street, gentleman usually showed the sign of respect and
greeting. Unfortunately today, in everyday life we lose much of what used to be
the norm and do not pay attention to the fact that part of it has not come back.

Seventeen portraits, black and white, with such famous people of Ukraine as Vladimir Podolyan, Semen Gorov, Christina Bobkov, Andrey Dzhedzhula, Sergey Smolin, Elena
Reva, Marysia Gorobetc, Alexey Goncharenko, Sergei Danchin, Victoria Lysenko,
Alexander Lidagovsky Sergei Rybik, Ana Varava, Maxim Tymoshenko. People who
by their actions in the frame to remind us that beautiful and noble manners of the
past, make us beautiful and noble in the present.

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