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Dialogue. Meeting with Psychoanalyst. <br/>Loneliness and its causes.

Dialogue. Meeting with Psychoanalyst.
Loneliness and its causes.

K99 - free form education school presents DIALOGUE project.

May 27, Tuesday at 19:00.
"Loneliness and its causes".
Tickets: 50 UAH.

Loneliness is familiar to many of us, but can be experienced in different ways:
from child abandonment, teenage rejection, feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness
and despair, to the states of being removed from the people - the world of seclusion.
One can stay alone, but not burdened by loneliness and feel lonely while being with someone close...

People respond differently to the question why they are alone: for some it′s banal
bad luck, for someone it is easier to stay alone, so as not to face the pain and
frustrations associated with past relationships, someone is infinitely lonely after
the loss of a loved one, and someone -is always alone, even in the family and
among friends.

  • How is it to be lonely among people, and even loved ones?
  • Why would someone feel lonely only sometimes, while others are always alone?
  • Why in the world today is becoming more and more single people?
  • Loneliness and relations crisis.
  • Depression and loneliness.
  • What is the cause and how to cope with loneliness.

Answers to this and your own questions you will find during the meeting.

Meeting is held by Nina Kokoilo - psychoanalyst, art-therapist, member
of Ukrainian Association of Psychoanalysis. (UAP - ECPP)

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