Kiev Museum of Dreams
Multimedia project CYCLE. Video, painting, audio installation

Multimedia project "CYCLE"
Video, painting, audio installation

16 - 25 May, 2014
Exhibition is open for visiting:
Friday from 16:00 till 20:00
Saturday, Sunday from 12:00 till 18:00
Entrance is free.

Exhibition CYCLE is a combination of sound compositions and abstract
paintings, using the principle of "cycle", repetition and escalation,
development and transformation into the next level. In music it is
a sound "loop", on a painting - repeating fragments, elements and stripes.

Viewer if offered to become co-author and to receive his own experience
and fillings by combining auditory and visual art, perceive them as one.
It is important to understand for yourself, is it the sound as "invisible color"
on canvas or is it the "sound" of a painting.

Author of works Eugeny Kiktenko Engaged in music, plays guitar, bass guitar, percussion. Compose music and improvise together with friends in the project
"FLYING". During the existence of CCA "Soros" in Kyiv- Mohyla Academy
participated in master classes for creating video and interactive works.
Engaged in painting from 2013. This was an opportunity to express his
emotions on canvas in a classical manner. It all started with sketches from
nature, and transferred to abstract work in the studio. In the period from
March to April 2014, Eugeny wrote a series of abstract works, and also
recorded the soundtracks separately for each painting.

"This project for me is a work with emotional unconsciousness, because I paint
absolutely in an intuitive way. Getting to the creation of each work, I tried to shift my filling of the world to canvas, using the method that I know from music writing -
I IMPROVISE.. with color, combination, surface of paint, layer by layer, how images
are born that I play along, read them in my imagination, finish up, look into them as
into the cloud, hear their motive, feel their rhythm".

Music compositions:

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