Kiev Museum of Dreams
Cinema evenings of contemporary dance

Contemporary dance cinema-talk

April 2 - June 25, 2014, Wednesday, 8 p.m.

In Kievan Museum of Dreams during this spring will take place the series
of events dedicated to the works of different foreign and ukrainian contemporary dance artists. We will be watching videos of their performances and discussing them in cozy intimate atmosphere around
the tea together with choreographer, dancer, performer and researcher
Viktor Ruban. It will be easygoing, informal, vital open situations, for those who works in contemporary dance and !!especially!! for those who are just curious about this form of arts and want to discover something new about dance in general.

50 UAH - adult per one meeting;
30 UAH - student per one meeting.

Every two weeks we will dedicate one wednesday evening to the discovering new facets of contemporary dance today. During each event we′ll be watching one of the works
of foreign and ukrainian contemporary dance artists. Right away then we will be discussing these works right there in cozy and warm atmosphere of the Museum
of Dreams. A discussion is open both for those who works in contemporary dance
and who are just discovering this kind of art.

The purpose of those evenings - is to get acquainted with the diversity of works
of foreign and ukrainian artists in contemporary dance. You will have an opportunity in quite easy way to find out how far from "the rhythmic body movements
and jumping with the music" the dance is. Since the meeting will be held on a regular basis, it will help to enhance the understanding and "reading" of at least contemporary dance performances. We will be exchanging our points of view, thoughts and questions, discussing what and how we saw those pieces and extracting and discovering new interesting useful information.

The program of meetins April 2 - June 25, 2014, 8 p.m.
Every two weeks, each Wednesday:

April 2
"Véronique Doisneau"
Jérôme Bel
(in french
with engl. subtitles)
- in relation to the topic
"From "esthetic" to "esthesis"
- colonialization, esthetics
and decolonization turn"
April 16
"Véronique Doisneau"
Jérôme Bel
(in french
with rus. subtitles)
- in relation to the topic
"From "esthetic" to "esthesis"
- colonialization, esthetics
and decolonization turn"
April 30
"Product of circumstances"
Xavier Le Roy
(in english
with ukr. subtitles)
division of theory
and practice
especially in science&arts;
lecture/speech performance,
language, speaking
in contemporary dance
May 14
Antonia Beyer
another notion
of "dramaturgy", empathy,
affect and dance
May 28
"The cruelty of opportunity"
emancipation of the spectator,
estheticization of political
political in the esthetic
and imagination.
June 11
"60 minnutes
of opportunism"

Yvona Muller
(in english
with ukr. subtitles)
dance as a language,
language as dance,
corporality of language
and imagination.
June 25
Loic Touze
music without musicality

"Studying in France on master pro (professional, practice) in "Choreographic Research
and Performance", I was attending (as well as providing) numerous public events,
discussions and after-talks with the audience in contemporary dance.
Even there in Montpellier where the audience is quite familiar with contemporary dance,
during those meetings with the audience, I heard so many times more less the same two phrases with slight variations, something like:
"Contemporary dance and contemporary art are especially elitist form of art"
"Contemporary dance is for the specially educated intellectuals. As far as we are simple people, simple audience - those high matters are simply impossible to reach for us,
so why should we try?". This popular myth exist and is stepping on the single-one misunderstanding - particularly because of contemporary dance, "dance" is not anymore just a visual mean or an "add" to the cultural and traditional archive.

Contemporary dance, despite of many other forms of dance-art, is not just
trying to "show whatever vesting it into the proper forms done in proper way, through
the dance-movements", but more "putting at stake and questioning contemporary-today".
Not showing, not telling about something but searching for the ways to reveal, unfold, articulate and actualize existing questions of today through the dance as a medium."


Viktor Ruban - choreographer, dancer and performer.
Graduated the master program "Choreographic Research and Performance",
on the basis of the National Choreographic Center of Montpellier,
France (directed by Mathilde Monnier).
Organizer and participant of many festivals, laboratories, various cultural events and educational projects in contemporary dance and performance, both in Ukraine
and in other countries (Germany, Spain, Lebanon, Britain, France, Russia, Belarus). Worked with foreign choreographers, remarkable artists in contemporary dance
of today, such as:
Diane Elshout (Netherlands), Sybrig Dokter (Sweden), Benoit Lachambre (Canada),
Xavier Le Roy, Loìc Touze, Mathilde Monnier, Laurent Pichaud,
Francois Chaignaud (France), Lisa Nelson, Deborah Hay, HilaryBrian (USA),
Joao Fiadeiro (Portugal), etc.

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