Kiev Museum of Dreams
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Exhibition-collage "Sergei Parajanov - dreaming of the XXI century"

February 15 - March 31, 2014
The Kiev Museum of Dreams invites to the exhibition
devoted to the one of the most unique geniuses of the past century -
Sergei Parajanov.

Open Hours
Saturday-Sunday - from 13 p.m.-17 p.m.

Adult - 50 UAH
Kids (from 6 to 16) - 30 UAH
Groups 10-15 persons - 30 UAH per person
"Family Ticket" (2 adults, 2 kids) - 100 UAH

The Dream Museum gives its own interpretation of work of the unique master.
What we, as a society of 21st century consider as a truth? Myths or facts?
Is there a boundary between personality and creativity?

Exhibition is a complex installation-collage, combined in the entire space
of Dream Museum - collection as a reflection of myths and memories about
a film director Sergei Parajanov, who this year would be 90 years.

ART objects, photographs, film sets, movie posters, artifacts of the past epoch,
film retrospectives - "celluloid dreams", collages and assemblages will disclose the atmosphere of myth about life and work of a man named Sergei Parajanov.

"Sergei Parajanov gave me an idea that mans destiny, in greater extend,
is accomplished not by his biography but rather by his own representation
of itself," - says exhibition curator, founder of The Dream Museum -
Victoria Danelyan. "During my life, I accumulated a lot of stories associated
with Sergei Parajanov, all of them are absolutely fantastic and unexpected.
Sometimes I understand that they are very much in the style of Parajanov..."

Lucky visitors will hear interesting stories about S. Parajanov′s life,
which literally liked in the form of (non)random coincidences
in the life of exhibition curator.

Exhibition will feature the works of friends and artists
inspired by the work of S. Parajanov:

Yuri Mechitov, Vinicio Rojas, Alla Zhmaylo, BRATY (Vasily and Ivan Kostenko),
Vadim Krainik, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Eugene Asatryan, Roman Melnychuk,
Dannik Katerina, Olena Oganesyan, Lyubov Chemeris, Lyudmila Bedrik,
Levon Gregoryan, Angelina Kazarian, Vasily Glibchuk, Andrew Alaverdyan,
Aleksander Novikov, Olga Chebotareva.

The artworks of Sergey Parajanov′s son - Suren Parajanov
also will be presented.

General partner of the project became Elena Oganesyan,
curator of "Parajanov ART", vice-president of the American Society
of Cultural Relations, ASCR.
Decoration of the exhibition embodied sisters
Mila Gaigai and Lillya Lukyanova.

Exhibition curators: Victoria Danelyan and Tatiana Tsvelodub.

Open Hours
Saturday-Sunday - from 13:00-17:00

Adult - 50 UAH
Kids (from 6 to 16) - 30 UAH
Groups 10-15 persons - 30 UAH per person
"Family Ticket" (2 adults, 2 kids) - 100 UAH

Kiev Museum of Dreams.
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