Kiev Museum of Dreams
Zvuchi Dochi.

Zvuchi Dochi. "13 January"

January 13, 2014, Mondat, 19:30
At the Museum of Dreams will take place
Music and atmospheric program "13 January"
Zvuchi Dochi
Fee: 70 UAH.

January 13, on the night from Malanka to Vasil, New Year′s Eve in the old style. This evening, with special Bezalel and stunt mummers led Malanka, Basil and Goat. Without departing from tradition, we offer you to come with us on a musical path
of spiritual light Christmas songs to unrestrainedly joyful schedrivok!

You will have the opportunity to directly participate not only in the concert,
but also to join our pageant through the streets! For this outfit suits and learn
the schedrivky! What can go in costume or mask, scarf, ribbon, flowers, etc...
Be prepared for the unexpected and provocations!

Zvuchi Dochi - a modern folk voices of metropolis′s girls.
It′s a return to the roots of a few generations, in the noise the big city.


"These wonderful women have the most powerful magic voices!
No tools, just capella - they entrap you in a beautiful whirlpool of sounds,
rhythms, in the charming beauty of polyphony.
They carry away from this world! Be careful!
Before listening you need to fasten your seat belts!;)"
Dmitry Matyuhin - musician, organizer of the festival "Obertonik".

"It is unreal to prepare your self for this! You are coming to listen
to Ukrainian folk songs, and you come out, after listening rustling wind,
the roar of the city, whispering forestheartbeat, the music of the past
with music of the future ... And all this for a moment! Be careful,
they leave a little bit for themselves and you are sure to come next
time to listen more"
S. Egor - musician, journalist.

Kiev Museum of Dreams.
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