Kiev Museum of Dreams

Dialog "Neurosis and creation of the masse"

December 18, 2013, Wednesday, 19 p.m.
Club of for Applied psychoanalysis
invited to Dialog on
"Neurosis and creation of the masses"
Treats from the club - tea and cookies.
Admission: 50 USD.

Reflect on whether there is perfect (complete) society.
About what is happening in Ukraine today.

  1. The creation of the masses is therapeutic:
    horizontal and vertical identification.
  2. Structure of the subject - the structure of society.
  3. The main lesson of psychoanalysis - to have or to be.
  4. Satisfaction from the process of subjectivation: our literature,
    our business, our traditions, our language, our myths.

Presenters: V. Milotvorskaya and M.Piskunov.
Duration : 3 hours.

Kiev Museum of Dreams.
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