Kiev Museum of Dreams
An evening with Roman Gurgenovich BALAYAN

An evening with Roman Gurgenovich BALAYAN

November 29, 2013 at 18:00.
Entry is free

In the psychoanalytic cinemalivingroom
International Institute of Depth Psychology
will be an evening of Roman Gurgenovich BALAYAN,
famous Soviet and Ukrainian film director,
screenwriter, producer, who will present
the film "Keep me, my lucky charm".

Roman Balayan Gurgenovich author of numerous films,
including the iconic paintings of the early 80′s
"Flights in Dreams and in Reality".
Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR,
People′s Artist of Ukraine,
member of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine.
Studio director "Illusionfilm",
director of the National Film Studio them. Alexander Dovzhenko.

Look forward to a dialogue, live chat, which has no boundaries
between master and movie viewer. Everything you wanted to know,
ask in person, and maybe just a declaration of love all this can be
done in a chamber setting longawaited meeting with Roman Balayan!

The meeting leads Svetlana G. UVAROVA,
psychoanalyst, President and Founder of MIGP.

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