Kiev Museum of Dreams
Musical and visual project

Musical and visual project "RIVER DREAM"

November 28, 2013, Thursday, 19:30
At the Museum of Dreams will take place
PREMIERE musical-visual project
"The River of our memories"
Fee: 100 UAH.

Armen Kostandyan (duduk), Roman Hrynkiv (author bandura).
Outspoken musical "conversation"

Steeped in ourselves, we often sail along the unknown winding paths.
Usually we spinning in place, but sometimes it takes us with a strong
internal "flow" and our initial direction changes beyond recognition.
We want so much to find a quiet backwater, stop, and at least temporarily
hide from the frenzied flow of undifferentiated, monotonous and surface fuss.
We calmed down for a moment and we recall what we have experienced
at the past, what we dreamed about, something with we once came here.
The river of our memories similar to Music: it attracts, implies,
fascinates and inspires ...

DUDUK and BANDURA - a unique blend of different worlds, conditions, sonorities! Noises, rustling, whispers, breathing of River - this is bandura.
Sadness and joy, light and shadow lurking voice of the Rivers heart - it′s duduk.
Each has its own river. We invite you to hear and feel the sound of it!

Armen Kostandyan - duduk
Roman Hrynkiv - Art bandura
Curator: Elena Suprun

Kiev Museum of Dreams.
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