Kiev Museum of Dreams

Lecture "Psychical perception of Contemporary art."

November 2, 2013, Saturday, at 19:00
Alexander Sushinskiy, curator of gallery da sein,
will give a lecture
"Psychical perception of Contemporary art."

On the lecture will be discussed:
- the criterion of quality in contemporary art,
- an ornament and crime Adolf Loos
- the internal and external disciplines of perception;
let′s talk about some of the innovative curatorial practices detail about
the art locations in Donetsk: Platform for Cultural Initiatives "Isolation"
and the independent gallery da sein;
Andy Warhol and drugs;

Touch upon the issue of the aura W. Benjamin, distance works of art,
talk about the new simplicity and alternative approaches in contemporary art.

And also listen to electroacoustic music Maksim Shalygin.

At the meeting, will be shown a short experimental film about
the poet-budetlyanine - Velimir Khlebnikov.

Touch upon the topic of "new."
Can it ever be, and that can be transformed into art in the future.

In the end, will be an open discussion of all he heard
and saw with all the participants of the meeting.

About the lecturer: Alexander Sushinskiy
the curator of gallery da sein - Donetsk (from late 2011 to the present day).
The organizer of the international festival of experimental music, theater
and cinema CALMINOIZEFEST (I, II). Held about 30 stocks, curatorial projects
in photography, video, music, and theater. founder of experimental music label
da sein records

Kiev Museum of Dreams.
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