Kiev Museum of Dreams
BODY + FOOD + Psychoanalysis

BODY + FOOD + Psychoanalysis

November 15, 2013, Friday, 19 p.m.
Entrance fee: 80 UAH

Polina Yuvchenko practicing psychoanalyst,
translator hold the second author lekiar
BODY + FOOD + Psychoanalysis

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia
diet, "post", fasting: there is a difference
What determined the choice of products
Food selectivity: the need or whim reasons for dieting,
fighting with the body and breakdowns
Why we eat when we want love
what we refuse, depriving yourself of food
ortoreksiya: too good nutrition
in pursuit of the image: Who Needs It

What is LEKIAR?
This is the granting of a request to a deep familiarity with the psychoanalytic
discourse in the context of the current media sphere. Began as a lecture to quickly
and easily learn the basic trends of cultural phenomena. Continued as a seminar: interactive, case practice and live chat.

When connecting theory, practice, real-world examples synergy is born.
It is a quality and unique content authors, whose creation marked by
the presence of each participant. And the art to inquire about the subject -
in the words of J. Lacan, le "qui?" art.

Forward to seeing you at the Museum of Dreams.
Expand your limits - live brighter!