Kiev Museum of Dreams
Kids Day at the Museum of Dreams

Kids Day at the Museum of Dreams

K99 presents the project: "Kid′s Day at the Dream Museum"

November 2, 2013, Saturday, 15:00 p.m.
Under the Kids Day at the Dream Museum
will be held a workshop "How to revive a hero.
Basic animations. History of the revived image".
Duration - 2 hours.
Tickets: 50 uah.

Master Class lead the curators of the course based on the animation
School of Visual Arts OpenArtSchool, participants of the International
Festival of Contemporary Animation and Media Arts LINOLEUM 2013

The master class curators tell the children and their parents about what
what happened before invention of cinema, before the first animations
and movies were filmed. All participants will be able to create with their
hands optical toys and animate their own characters.

And also, the opportunity to see and touch the optical illusion of artifacts
of the past century and the present. Will take part At lesson:
- Stereoscope 1901 (USA)
- Stereoscope 50-xx, stereoscope 70 (Czechoslovakia)
- Modern French kaleidoscope
- Stereo end of the 19th century. - The beginning of the 20th century,
- Slides for children′s magic lantern, dating from 1910,
- Modern miniature model praksinoskopa
and so on.

Animation is the art of revitalization and animation, and develops in a child
and an adult in the birth of the ability of imagination and fantasy, promotes
imaginative thinking and plunges man into the incredible world of discovery
and creativity.

Welcome and learn the art of animation images!
The Museum of Dreams
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