Kiev Museum of Dreams
Visiting psychoanalyst

Visiting psychoanalyst

October 25, 2013, 19p.m.
Theme: "The modern view on personality
and creativity of Nikolay Gogol.
Psychoanalysis and the mysteries
of the national soul".
Moderator: Vladimir Janowicz Zvinyatskovskiy
Meeting point:
International Institute of Depth Psychology,
Kiev, st. Lavra, 16, 3rd floor (conference room).
For more information Tel: (044) 280 89 45.
Admission is free!

Vladimir will participate in the event, "Visiting the psychoanalyst" with
Svetlana Gennadievna Uvarova. Vladimir Janowicz Zvinyatskovskiy - PhD,
author of monographs on Anton Chekhov and Nikolay Gogol. He defended his
doctoral thesis on the topic: "Nikolai Gogol" Secrets of the national soul.
"The compiler of the book "Legends of the century. Russian historical novel"
(in 2 vols), popular Editions on Norse mythology" World Tree Yggdrasil",
the translator of the book "Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious.
Pornography and obscenity." by Devid Herbert Lawrence′s.

One of the latest books by the author - "He who overcomes the fear of laughter:
the experience of the restoration of Nikolai Gogol′s own myth." That it was
the occasion for a meeting "Visiting a psychoanalyst" dedicated to well-known
personalities of Ukraine.

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