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Visiting psychoanalyst. :

Visiting psychoanalyst. : "Psychoanalysis with Nicholay Veresen"

September 20, 2013, 19p.m.
Meeting point:
16, Lavra str., 3rd floor (conference room).
For more information Tel: (044) 280 89 45. Entrance is free!

Author and presenter:
Nicholay Veresen
- famous Ukrainian journalist, television and radio host;
Svetlana G. Uvarova - psychoanalyst, rector and founder MIGP.

International Institute depth psychology under the "Visiting psychoanalyst"
continues the tradition - a series of meetings with famous Ukrainian.
What was their childhood? What has influenced on choice of profession?
What helped to build his own career? Through meetings "Visiting psychoanalyst"
you can personally ask about it at famous Ukrainian and discover the unknown
continent of their life.

September 20th, 2013 at 19:00 "Visiting analyst" - a famous journalist,
author and presenter of the first Ukrainian talk show "Taboo" extraordinary
and shocking - Nikolay Veresen.

Famous guest express his opinions about their own vision of the world and life values
in dialogue with the analyst, the rector and founder MIGP Svetlana G. Uvarova.

Do not miss out! "Psychoanalysis with Nikolay September"!