Kiev Museum of Dreams

Concert "Ariadne′s Thread"

September 13, 2013, Friday, 19:30
A concert classical music program "Ariadne′s Thread".
Duration - 90 min.
Tickets: 60 uah.

Classical Music Ensemble "Frescos".
Olga Konoplyanaya and Katerina Kozachishina (violin), Lubov Baranova (cello),
Alena Novikova (flute), Roman Borkowski (viola).

Classical Music Ensemble "Frescos" invites you on a journey through the labyrinth
of epochs of music. In a variety of genres and ways musicians will be your guides.
They stretch magic thread and will be along with you to rejoice and grieve,
to catch voices from the past and our present. The "Ariadne′s Thread" -
a kaleidoscope of works from different eras.

The evening will be performed: Handel, Mozart, Grieg and also Svensen and Godar.

Performance of musical works will be accompanied by short stories about
the composers and the music itself. You will be able to ask questions.

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