Kiev Museum of Dreams

Lecture "The history of a motion picture"

September 29, 2013, Sunday
Time: 12-00 (duration - 1 hour)
Tickets: 50 uah.

What is an archeology of media?
How has technology media developed?
How people of the past made inanimate images to move?
About all of this, you can discover at the lecture
"Archaeology of a motion picture"!

Come and take with you your good mood only!

At the lecture, we will find out: what is media archeology mean,
how conceived a "moving" picture, what the magic lantern is,
how the optical devices preceded the film industry, how artifacts
of archeology moving images are used in artistic practice today.

The participants of the lecture will be able to participate in the creation
of one of the earliest archaeological artifacts of the moving image.

The lecture is intended for a broad audience that wants to learn about
the origins of the motion picture, with a sincere curiosity, or looking
for new knowledges.

About the lecturer:
Victoria Perevoznikova - media artist, archaeologist of media,
co-initiator of the training course "Fundamentals of Animation".
Lives and works in Kiev, the work uses a variety of media:
animation, photography, video.

Welcome and learn the art of animation images!
The Museum of Dreams.
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