Kiev Museum of Dreams


So many amazing people around and no less amazing hobbies, interests,
ways of recreation and leisure activities. September 20, 2013, Friday,
19:00, we will find a fascinating meeting PechaKucha Night
"Rest. Leisure. Hobby".

In the PechaKucha 20x20 format we will hear such stories:

  • How petanque, iron balls and piggy extend all borders -
    Natasha Burnaya
  • Sailing to the active volcanoes - Sergey Tolokunsky
  • TraveLEaring - Travel, Learn and Earn at the same time -
    Orest Zub
  • To change the world is fashionable - Olga Ivanova
  • Castles of Ukraine: family travel - Michael and Ruslana
  • Better than mountains can be only mountains ... or my love
    for hiking mountain hikes - Helen Kayumova
  • Orcs, demons and Space Marines. Painting miniatures as a family leisure -
    Natalia Nikitenko
  • Why Andalusia (Spain) is muy bien! - Yevhenia Ogryzko
  • A glass? Is it that simple? - Anna Lavrova
  • Ultimate - a team sport with a flying disc - Dmitry Strelchin

Read more about the stories and their authors.

Entrance - 50 UAH. Payment at the entrance.
Please sign up. Once the registration exceeds the capacity of the hall,
it will be closed. Have time to register!

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