Kiev Museum of Dreams
Talks about dreams at Art Picnic of Slava Frolova. <br/>The From dreams to the theater and back

Talks about dreams at Art Picnic of Slava Frolova.
The From dreams to the theater and back

Sunday, July 21, 2013, 18 p.m.
Art Picnic of Slava Frolova take place at:
at Prospect Glushkov, 1, VDNH.
Holds the founder of the Museum of Dreams,
a psychoanalyst Tatiana Tsvelodub

Psychoanalyst, Tatiana Tsvelodub will talk about dreams in a conversation
entitled "From dreams to the theater and back."
Talk about what a dream, an idea and fantasy. What does it mean to dream.
How does the dream behind the scenes. What is common between a theatrical performance and a dream.

What is Art Picnic of Slava Frolova?
Large-scale seasonal project PARK ARTS at ENEA - from June to October 2013.
Located on three acres of picturesque area VDNH, the project will offer the viewer
to take the first step towards a new, enjoyable, exciting style of hanging out,
but in general, the first step to the cultural development of the country.
This is a great way to spend your time, not leaving the city in the warm,
select a number of fun activities for themselves and their children,
while getting a lot of new and interesting information related to, first of all,
with the Ukrainian culture and art.

Kiev Museum of Dreams.
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